This trend has been hanging around for the past few months, but, perhaps because it is such a classic style, it doesn't feel remotely outdated yet. After all, the art of creating a silhouette is as old as time, capturing a person's likeness long before cameras came around.

What events not to miss this weekend, from sales to exhibitions to open houses.

It may feel like summer's just getting into full swing, but–hate to be Debbie Downer–August is just a week away. How'd that happen? With the new month comes the return of classes, and just like that, swimming pools are closing, leaves are dropping, and it's time to bust out the heavy coats.

The problem with most craft shows is that you usually have to wade through a bunch of unfortunate items in order to get your hands on the really good stuff. Luckily, that's never the case with Renegade. The country-crisscrossing fair always manages to gather the cream-of-the-crafty-makers-crop under one roof. And with free admission, tasty snacks and plenty of activities, it's become a must-attend event to look forward to every year.

I'm sort of a list fanatic. I make lists of songs I want to download, recipes to try, clothes I have my eye on and ideas for sprucing up my apartment.

We have it lucky here in California. While the rest of the country has to wait for these three ever-precious, always too short months of summer for warm weather, we get it the majority of the year (albeit in snippets up here in San Francisco).

I'm so sleep-deprived that I think $10.95M—the highest price ever paid for a Beverly Hills condo—sounds totally fair to live in the actual lap of luxury.  

Isn't it funny when you're looking for something and it turns out to be right under your nose? Big thanks to Joy from Oh Joy! for posting about Anzfer Farms, a workshop located not two neighborhoods over from mine, which had so far managed to fly under my radar.

Where can I find modern wooden chairs for my dining room with some oomph?


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